Half the World Away

Life, in a papercup.

"More clouds appear until the sky went black
And now there’s
No sunlight,
No sunlight.
And now there’s
No sunlight,
No sunlight anymore.” #nosunlight #rain

Blind Pilot - Half Moon (Live in the Bing Lounge)

The truth about the I. #musings #poetry

I wish,

I could:

burn your memory
starting from the //edges
creeping right to its corners\\
and hear the crackling
of fire
wear its weight down
until there is

no           more


p  a  i  n

myself with.

#eecummings #poetry on an inspiring Sunday morning.

there’s a wreckage
lying underneath
the interstices
of my hippocampus,

of what seemed
like a century-old
that keeps swimming afloat
against a thousand fold
scar tissues
formed in the years
of conscious forgetting,
and learning
what the heart
chose to forego
amidst the constant
tachycardic episodes
induced by dreams
that are haunted
by your presence

even as I wake
clutching to
forbidden thoughts
of reuniting with you
and our supposedly,
happily ever after

I ask myself:

"when did you stop remembering
of how you first fell in love?”

…I guess, I never really did.

#thoughts #fragments

What to say about you….

Old habits never die. #rogerfederer #wimbledon2014 #tennis